Entertaining One
Word At a Time!
2008 Finalist for Best New Author by
Infini Promoters
A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Kysha Carter
Foucher began crafting stories at the age of 9. She‘s
written several short stories that were only shared
amongst her family and close friends. Her first short
story was written during Christmas time and focused
on her family and friends spending time together and
exchanging gifts.
Kysha put her love for writing on hold to pursue a more stable career in business. Since college,
she has worked as a Project Coordinator and is a full-time mother of three. It wasn’t until
helping her daughter with an essay that she realized that her true calling was to write and
share her gift with others.   
Because of her great love for reading fictional novels, Kysha was inspired to write, resulting in
her first novel,
The Upside of Love, written in a little over a month. Although it received great
accolades from her friends and family, Kysha decided not to pursue publishing it. She didn't
feel that it was up to par for national recognition. Not satisfied with the results of her novel,
Kysha decided to pen her second novel entitled,
When the Tables Turn.
When the Tables Turn
touches the controversial topic of wives earning more money than their
husbands. It is scheduled for release in December 2007. Kysha is interested in writing in
several genres, including young adult, erotic, and urban/street.Her contemporary fiction is
guaranteed to entertain from beginning to end.
The author currently resides in Houston, Texas with her family, where she is hard at work on
her next novel, the sequel,
When the Tables Turn back.